Friday, December 16, 2005

Second Hurdle (kind of) Cleared

I think my foot knicked the second hurdle on the way over, but at least it's behind me now. Around 9:30 last night I finished my last exam of the semester. Exams were brutal this time around. All-in-all, this was the semester from hell. I'm very glad it's over, though it has left me run down and on the verge of being sick. Hopefully a few days of somewhat "normal" life will fix all of that.

And, I'm now 2/3 of the way through law school! That's something.

Now, I can focus more on work and family, and, I almost really forgot, Christmas is just over a week away. My brother told me he had finished his Christmas shopping around Thanksgiving. I didn't even think about doing any until this weekend (though I have to give Rebekah credit, she covered 90% of it for me).

Rebekah and I are going out without the kids tonight. That should be nice. There's hasn't been much of that since last summer.

I'm also looking forward to Sunday night. I should be able to really enjoy celebrating Christmas with everyone then.

And, Adam Hunt and I are hereby declaring the second round of our monthly "All You Can Eat Sushi Monday" this coming Monday at lunchtime. Any takers?

Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Occassional Sports Update (for those who care)

My Colts are now 13-0! I've been a huge fine since childhood! How glorious! (For those who don't know, I am lying and bandwagonning. When I was a child the Colts played in Baltimore, not my native Indianapolis).

My Cubbies missed out on signing Rafael Furcal, but recovered nicely by getting Juan Pierre as their new lead-off hitter. They also stocked up in the 'pen (Dempster re-signed, Eyre and Howry added, some good young arms coming along). If they can get a 30/100 man in right field, they will be ready for a run at glory this year (and I mean it this time).

And now to my Pacers. Ron Artest demanded a trade this weekend. He did so inappropriately by going to the newspaper instead of to the GM (who happens to be Larry Legend). Hate to say it, but it's time to send this guy packing. Wouldn't be surprised, though, if it takes a while. The Legend isn't going to be taken advantage of. Someone's going to have to give us some real players in return. Players that will still allow us to achieve glory this season.

And, my Hoosiers beat the Wildcats for the first time since the General moved to Texas. Finally.

And now, back to the study of Intellectual Property Law. Thanks for taking this study break with me.