Friday, January 28, 2005

The Quest Continues

Thanks to Andy for linking me to this.

Some great thoughts there. We want and need real, life-giving connection with our long lost Father. We want and need real, life-giving connection with each other. House Church was never more than one attempt to get to that. But that is what it's really about.

And that is what many of us still are in search of. I want to continue journeying toward that with you. The quest continues.

If you're hurting now, or have been in recent memory, please join me in considering all of this carefully.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Just random thoughts

Tori is in a spelling bee tomorrow. How do Kindergarteners do a spelling bee? Are there that many words with three letters or less?

Lucas makes a sound now that sound like "gagoo."

I was slightly depressed about my fall grades until I heard a woman sitting behind me in Crim Law today (who I thought was pretty smart) complaining that she got a D+ in two classes.

It has taken us almost two years, but our house church is starting to find ourselves (knock on wood!).

Johnny Carson is dead. I barely remember him, but that still seems weird.

Tori just asked me why I'm "wasting my time doing a blog," so I think I'll end this now.