Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Wide Open Space, Please

For the first time in my life I would like to have lots of "living space." You know, a big yard, and a big living room. Places to stretch out in with family and friends. Nothing between all the something. Places for peace to punctuate the chaos.

Space seems so attractive to me right now. I realize it is a reaction -- what I desire is often an extreme reaction against what is going on in life. Life is cramped -- the schedule is full, for one thing. But Lucas bounces off the walls (sometimes literally), which makes space seemed cramped. And our neighborhood is not designed for those desiring space, but for those desiring economy. And a few of my less-than-brilliant neighbors think they live in a spacious place, when in fact they don't! So I find myself longing for big open spaces. I also find myself longing for huge chunks of unoccupied time.

Though I may find a way to get more "space" in my life someday soon, the reality is that this season will pass, and other longings will take over for these.