Tuesday, July 01, 2003

4th of July, 2003
Time flies. I accidentally "dialed up" the wrong year on my Palm Pilot yesterday. I found myself looking at my life during June/July of 2002 instead of June/July of 2003. I realized that things change fast.

One year ago on the Fourth of July I was swimming in the Hastings swimming pool. Things change -- I hardly see them anymore.

One year ago I was meeting with Pat Breton every Friday afternoon to help him lead Community @ Miracle Mile. He had a massive stroke in September, and now a year later, he doesn't remember those times we had, and I don't see him much either.

One year ago I went to a Hooked concert. The band has since broken up, and although Gene & Jimmy are still very much in my life, things have sure changed a ton in just a year.

I see that a year ago I entered a reminder to myself to read the book of Isaiah. I've started reading it again recently, and it sure seems like a long time since my previous reading. Things change fast in just a year.

A year ago I was teaching at the Apex Gathering in the orange building while Joe was in the midwest on vacation. This year I'm teaching at the Apex Gathering at a less orange looking Lutheran bulding while Joe is in the midwest on vacation.

It all leaves me wondering how many of the things that seem so important to me now will be so different in just one year.