Thursday, May 19, 2005


Without any school this week, I've spent more time than usual with people. Kirk Rowland is visiting from PA, and Phil Webster is visiting from NC. Amazing how quickly friendships can be re-kindled with people you haven't seen for years.

Also got to hang out with the Petersons, the Hastings, Ramon, and Gene already this week. Also met Peter and his family from Seattle, who are getting ready to embark on the simple church journey. Unusually nice to interact with so many.

Yet this morning, being the introvert that I am, I felt emotionally spent. The need for solitude has caught up with me. I hope I recover quickly, because I really want to take advantage of this season of being available for people, before the calendar snatches it away once again.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Mixed Emotions

Thrilled & relieved: I'm thrilled to have my spring exams over with. What a draining semester it was. School was hard, there were many Apexers going through hard times, which emotionally drained me, and our kids are both at stages that require extra energy. On top of that, I'm facing the reality that someday in the months to come, I'll be making at least part of my income in law. All-in-all, a tough few months. Yet I made it through the semester! Only two weeks until summer semester begins, but let's not think about that yet.

Deep Sadness: The Harshmans have moved to Arizona, and next month the Boyds are moving to California. I've become close to both families in different ways. And, going all the way back to elementary school, I've experienced a weird series of close friends moving away from me that is very bizarre and unusual. This latest chapter of it will bring back feelings that go way back. One thing I have learned by it all is that I always seem to have close friends, no matter how many of them have moved away. I guess I should have learned by now that I always will, but it still is an unsettling feeling.

Eager Anticipation: I'm excited about the future of our church family here. We've survived damn near everything. I think the strength we've gained from that will take us to new heights that few get to experience, becasue few would endure all that we've been through. I think we're poised for mission once again. See my last entry for my thoughts on that.