Monday, August 04, 2003

On the Road
So far, it has been a pretty nice trip. I got to do a quick road-trip with my brother Jason from Indy to Cincy to catch a game at the new ballpark there. Then I went off to Michigan for a reunion with Tori & Rebekah after three weeks apart. Let's just say, reuniting with both was very nice in their own ways.

Seeing life from another perspective (& western michigan is definitely a different perspective than vegas in every way imaginable) has been good for me. It makes me love & hate Vegas all the more.

Tori loves being with her grandparents. I love a change in routine. Rebekah got to be with her best friend Darci when she had her second baby.

Tomorrow Becka & I get to begin three nights in Chicago on our own to celebrate our 8th anniversary. Looking forward to that in every way.