Friday, February 11, 2005

We will miss you, Reggie

I'm from Indiana, where basketball is religion (see the movie Hoosiers for some insight into what I mean). If that seems a bit odd, then this entry may be hard to understand.

In 1987, the Pacers drafted UCLA guard Reggie Miller instead of local Indiana University Star (and national chamption) Steve Alford. Turns out Reggie is still playing in 2005, and Alford's NBA Career lasted only a few seasons.

Tonight Reggie announced he'll retire at the end of the year, after 18 seasons with the Pacers. I remember as a kid watching Pacer games on TV, going to them a few times, and even listening to them on the radio when they weren't on TV. Those are special memories for a native Hoosier. And Reggie was part of many of them. He has hit numerous miracle shots in playoff games. He's the Pacers all-time leading scorer, the NBA's 14th all-time scorer, and the greatest Pacer to ever put on th uniform. If he hadn't played his prime years at the exact same time as Michael Jordan's prime years, then people would know a lot more about Reggie's greatness.

When I teach my kids the game of basketball, I will tell them about Reggie Miller. We will miss you, Reggie.

Thursday, February 10, 2005


Time is moving by so freakin' fast: days, months, and years.

I realized this when I saw that my last blog entry was over a week ago (seems like I did that one right before lunch).

Here's some more significant reminders of how time is flying for me: Lucas is eight months old (he does this scoot/crawl thing already); Tori just celebrated her 100th day in school (when did they start celebrating that?); Rebekah and I will have been married ten years this coming summer; Y2K was five year ago; I've been driving a car more years than before I could; I've been rooting for the Cubs and the Pacers for over twenty years now.