Thursday, March 18, 2004

My Thoughts Said Better Than I Could Think Them
Check out Wayne Jacobsen's thoughts on the Passion movie.

Both his positive and negative remarks are right on with my way of looking at things. I had hoped to formulate some words about the movie, but I think I'll let his words speak for me. I think his article is extremely well thought-out and presented.

Monday, March 15, 2004

Can't beat it
This week is why we love Vegas. The weather is in the 80's by day and 60's by night. I wore shorts Sunday. Swimming pools are opening. For some reason warm weather puts me in a better mood (a few of you may be thankful for that). If you're reading this in the midwest or northeast, I'll wait for your response in mid-July when it is 120 degrees in the shade here and it's nice there. But for now, I'm loving life.

Unrelated: SNL did a new skit Saturday night called "Appalachian Emergency Room." It reminded me of the old late 80's early 90's SNL. (It also reminded me of Hubbard family reunions). I laughed hard -- It made me very happy.