Monday, February 05, 2007


I'm not a huge football fan (always loved basketball & baseball more). I'm not a huge Colts Fan (they moved into Indianapolis a few years before I moved out, so never got attached).

But I did root for them during the playoffs, and during the Big Game. Fun to see them win the way they did. Fun to see my hometown having so much fun with it. I'm sucked in. I will probably now be a Colts fan for life. It took this to draw me in, just like the 84 Cubs playoff run drew me in and Reggie & his Pacers teams of the mid-90's sucked me in, and the General Robert Montgomery Knight and the 87 Hoosiers sucked me in.

And my favorite commercial this year was Dave & Oprah, sitting on a couch, arm in arm, rooting for their respective hometown teams.