Tuesday, November 29, 2005

One Hurdle Cleared . . .

I turned in my two law review assignments, one of which was my major paper. I pushed myself pretty hard over the last few days, so I'm a bit too much in a daze to feel the relief just yet. It should come soon, though. Somehow I managed to get a severe stiff neck, which has entered into its second day. I don't like to whine, but it's not pleasant at all. (I just took an expired muscle relaxer, so if I post anything later today, just ignore whatever I say). Anyway, my finals start a week from Saturday and last until December 15. That is the last hurdle between myself and a month break from school.

Jeremiah is on his way to Vegas. He called me as he drove away from New Hamsphire yesterday. I'm still pretty excited about him & Melissa moving here. They will encourage me, personally, but I also think they are just what our Apex community needs right now. They will probably need some help unloading their moving truck early next week, so I'll put out the word when I know more.

Last week I met with a chaplain from Nellis Air Force Base, and this week I'm meeting with a church planter from Colorado. Both want to hear more about the Apex story and what we have become. Our humble little community of communities is encouraging people all over the country, and even beyond. That is amazing when we think about how humble and simple it seems to us who have been part of it. One of our greatest impacts is that we encourage other people to simplify church and prioritize community. We probably take that for granted too much.

Been trying to think of a cheap way for Rebekah, Tori, Lucas and me to spend a few days at the beach during my upcoming school break. Cheap and beach don't really go together. I am at least going to pretend that we will find a way because it gives me hope to get through finals.

Oh, and of course, my Colts are 11-0! I've always been a huge fan, you know!