Thursday, June 19, 2008


I'm talking here about the new Journey CD. I've been a huge fan of the band since around 1980. All in all, if you combine all their stuff from the 70's through now, they are my favorite band of all time. I think they really play jazz and rhythm and blues cleverly disguised as rock and roll.

Someone else put it this way: "The one aspect of Journey that I fell in love with is the way that Perry's voice and Neil's guitar was able to convey such emotion and, the way they weaved that emotion into this huge landscape that propelled the band to the heights that they achieved. Put that emotional turbo charge with a high powered rhythm section and keyboards and Journey is what we got."

The new album, "Revelation," is growing on me with each listen. May be their best album in over 20 years. That's saying something.

Yet, the songwriting team of Perry / Cain / Schon will never be matched. They miss a little something by not having all three writing together.

I'll hold to my story that Escape is my all-time favorite recording, because it is really a rhythm and blues / jazz album that also rocks. It creates a mood. It makes me feel a wide variety of emotions. And it hasn't gotten old, even though it is over 25 years old.