Saturday, December 08, 2007


Wednesday morning we awoke to 5 inches of snow (based on our official backyard measurement). The kids got to play in a winter wonderland, and Tori's school started two hours late. I got to shovel snow and then go to work at the regular time. That all may explain the difference between the kids' reaction to the snow versus mine!

Friday morning we awoke to 3 additional inches of snow (based again on our official backyard measurement). Same deal -- Tori took advantage of another two hour school delay to play in the snow. I got to shovel it again and then go to work.

Saturday morning I awoke at 4:40 AM with a strange feeling that something wasn't right. I eventually figured out that it was darker than normal in our bedroom. The power had gone out. As I looked out the window I saw that the power had gone out on our entire street. Thank goodness for the snow pack, which reflected enough moonlight to keep things from being pitch black. I spent the next hour scurrying around in search of flashlights, candles, matches, a battery-operated radio, extra blankets, etc.

I figured the power failure must have been weather related (freezing rain had been forecasted), but I think it turned out to be just a coincidence that a main circuit blew. We were without lights, heat, TV, heat, computer, heat, coffee makers, heat, and all the other modern conveniences of life for a total of 11 hours before the lights came on at 3:30 PM. We were about ready to head to my parents' house for the night in order to have heat when, presto, electricity was restored. Amazing how much you appreciate something when you go without it for a short time. Especially heat. Especially for someone like me whose blood had been thinned by eight Las Vegas winters. We cheered and carried on like fools about our new found fortune. We slowly began bringing our food back into the house (when the fridge started getting warm, we buried our food out in the snow pack as if it were treasure being buried underground).

I think I'm going to Florida.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Random Thoughts (and I do mean random)

Time flies during one's thirties -- I can't believe it is December already.

I really want to go visit everyone in Vegas. We could try to squeeze in a weekend in February, but we could probably stay a lot longer if we held out for Tori's spring break in April. I really do want to go -- it's really messed up to get so close to a few people and then suddenly not see them at all for five months.

We enjoyed hosting both sets of parents and my brother's family on Thanksgiving. It was a good day, yet so strange that we were hosting everyone. Things do come full circle.

25 degrees with high humidity is just plain crazy cold.

Signs I'm old & responsible: I went to a Chamber of Commerce Luncheon (for work), a Christmas tree lighting ceremony, and a School PTA breakfast (with Tori) this week. I'm becoming so civic.

Chevy Chase gained a lot of weight between Cops & Robbersons (2004) and Vegas Vacation (2007).