Sunday, September 07, 2008

Quick Thoughts on All Manner of Things

Football is starting, but I'm so much more interested in baseball with the Cubs in position for a strong post-season run.

It's the stupid, small-money, the-parites-shouldn't-have-even-taken-this-to-the-courts cases that always become my biggest pain in the #$%^. Such is lawyering.

Politics is stupid, yet very entertaining, and both sides are so locked in to their own viewpoints that it is just silly. Yet it is important on some levels, and I am thinking about it a lot more than I care to admit.

My parents were on vacation in Mytrle Beach right when Hanna blew through. They stayed. They were fine. I couldn't believe it, though -- I would have been out of there.

We are having a baby in three and a half months! It doesn't seem real. We need to get busy on boys names pretty soon.

Lucas started pre-school. Crazy.

Tori is totally into her friends, and she's only nine. Yesterday there were more little girls at my house than I could keep track of.

I've said it before, I'll say it again: working as an attorney and working as a pastor are much more similar than one would think (or hope). People make it good sometimes and really bad sometimes.

I have a lot of deep thoughts and carefully worked out opinions about a lot of things. It is somewhat disappointing to find out that most people could care less and don't want to hear it. Such is life.

Overall, I have been a fortunate person so far in life with few serious problems and lots of great blessings. Yet the daily struggles of existence often keep one from recognizing such realities.