Wednesday, September 10, 2003

A Declaration of Freedom
So often I am asked questions in life that force me to choose between two seemingly opposite things. I have begun to believe that it is the questions that are wrong in these cases. I no longer want to choose between the polar opposites, at least the polar opposites that are offered to me. So, here comes a declaration of freedom, of sorts.

Q: Are you democrat OR republican? Answer: No!

Q: Do you chose to be pro-choice along with pro-envirnonment OR pro-life along with anti-environment? Answer: No!

Q: Are you Catholic OR Protestant? Answer: No!

Q: Are you Calvinist OR Arminian? Answer: No!

Q: Are you a Bible-thumping legalist pastor OR a cold-hearted, greedy law student? Answer: No, I hope!

I have come to believe that my answers are not as wrong as these questions. I am trying to learn what the right questions are, and only then to be concerned about the answers.