Monday, November 06, 2006

Updates of all Sorts

I'm enjoying -- thanks to Jeremiah for recommending it. It takes some getting used to in order to weed out the junk songs, but in the end, pretty amazing invention. Good background entertainment to my work and study each day.

I took the MPRE on Saturday. That's basically the Ethics portion of the Bar Exam requirement. It was two hours of complicated multiple choice questions that all seem to have at least two correct answers (though they don't). It's more complex than one would imagine. I assume I passed, but I won't know for sure for five more weeks.

My Colts are 8-0! The only undefeated team in the NFL! The first team in history to win two consecutive road games against teams that are at least 5-1 going in! I've always been a huge fan (insert sarcastic smile here).

HC was deep and meaningful yesterday. We wrote down two people who had influenced us in a positive way, and two people who had influenced us in a negative way, and why. That lead to a long conversation as many people shared how people in their past had hurt them, and how it carries on into the present. Great conversation starter for a deeper-than-surface conversation (Jim Nyberg gets credit for launching us into it). Somehow led us into Isaiah 1, as well.

I've pretty much decided to run the half-marathon next month. Leg pain and busyness have interrupted my plans. Good Adam Hunting is still whispering into one ear things about how I can still pull off the full marathon -- but every other voice (including the voice of reason) is leaning toward the half. Must decide soon in order to register.