Saturday, November 05, 2005

Gasoline Prices & Antitrust Law

Any questions on the Sherman Act and its implications to major oil companies forming joint ventures and allegedly price fixing? (i thought so!) Just ask me! I've spent the last two Saturdays, and the better part of several Saturdays before that, researching and writing on just that. And until that magical due date of November 25, I'll be doing that during every spare moment.

If it sounds just awful, that's because, for the most part, it is. But such is the law school writing requirement, which comes once in a law school career, and my time is now.

So, I'll pretend I'm solving a major problem, and once the Supreme Court reads my paper, they will act accordingly, and all our gas price problems will be solved. The reality is that I'm just going through one of the required hoops for hanging the Juris Doctorate certificate on my wall.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Strawberry Shortcake & Bumble Bee

I don't get as excited about Halloween as many of my friends do. But I guess there is something cool about watching the kids have so much fun. We stopped at the grocery store with them in full costume on Friday night on our way home from the big King's Faire event, and they were a real hit! Everybody talked to them, and to us.

If I ever get depressed (or, maybe I should say, next time I do) I'm going to dress the kids up in halloween costumes and take them out in public places. It's amazing how happy everybody gets.