Friday, November 17, 2006

"The General" Makes me Laugh

I was watching some Top 10 Countdown Show on Fox Sports Net the other night. They did a montage of great Bob Knight sound bites from over the years. I had forgotten about this "poem" he read to a packed arena on Senior Night at IU several years ago:

When my time on earth is gone
and my activities here are passed,
I would that they bury me upside down
so my critics can kiss my ass.

You have to read that slowly, seriously, and in Bob Knight sarcastic speak in order to get the real effect.

Have to admit, it made me laugh. Something about this guy I have always liked despite the troubling side of him.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Little things that seem exciting . . .

. . . downloading a song you like that you haven't heard (or been able to find) for a decade

. . . getting a much-overgrown tree in the front yard trimmed (it's that same feeling you get after a long-overdue hair cut)

. . . only having to do a ten-mile long run yesterday (after having done several weeks of much longer ones)

. . . Rebekah and I going out three out of the last four weekends (after almost two months of not getting to go out at all)