Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Health, Pt. 3

"Our Trinitarian theology in the evangelical church is thin. Until it gets thicker, we're not going to make much progress in this whole area of spiritual formation. God is in eternal community, a radically other-centered relationship where the Father is always saying, 'Isn't my Son something?!' The Son's always saying, 'Look at the Father.' And the Spirit is always saying, 'Look at Jesus.'

Until we start pondering the mystery of the Trinity, we won't have a clue that we're a million miles from it in terms of community. People need to be overwhelmed by the Trinitarian community."

(Larry Crabb quoting Eugene Peterson)

For those who enjoy hurting their heads on stuff, scroll down to Howard Snyder's article at this link:

Tuesday, December 28, 2004


I've missed some entertainment during the semester, so I'm catching up a bit during break.

Movies: So far I've watched the following (theater & DVD):

Meet the Fockers (very funny)
Napoleon Dynamite (outstanding if it's your type of thing)
Collateral (great drama)
Dodgeball (dumb, yet mildly entertaining)
Christmas Vactaion 2 (as bad as the original was great -- actually, worse)
SNL's Best of Chris Farley (very funny, of course)

Music: I also got for Christmas John Mellencamp Words & Music (greatest hits from 1979 to 2004). I grew up on John Cougar, being from Indiana, during the early days of MTV. I was even in the audience of a John Mellencamp video from 1987 that was filmed in Indy. This CD, though, gave me his stuff from the past 10 years, which is probably his best, though not very well known. (And, don't laugh at me unless you listen to it first!)

Books: As for reading, just finished Connecting by Larry Crabb. I've got a couple of sports books to read (Faithful, Stephen King's recounting of the Boston Red Sox championship season; and also a book about the good side and the dark side of Bob Knight). A friend from Australia sent me a book called The Spiritual Revolution which looks very interesting -- I hope to get to it soon as well.