Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sports Update

Lest we get caught up in the media hype over a football season that ended over a week ago, I'm here to provide the following reminder:

Pitchers and catchers began arriving at Spring Training in FL & AZ today. The boys of summer are coming.

And once again baseball, the only major sport that both my great-grandfather's generation and my generation (and everyone in between) grew up with, will soon be played again.

It's lonely at times being an advocate for baseball. Some find it a boring game. But I still believe she is the greatest game ever played. I'd be glad to spend an hour or so telling you why I believe it is so (though there are no promises that you won't find that experience boring as well)!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Like Utility Poles Flying By One's Car . . . While You Are Driving 100 mph

That's how fast the weeks are going by right now.

On Saturday, I hung out with the Apex Elders on Mt. Charleston. It was a great day of retreat. We were able to articulate some very simple, yet very profound & important things about our mission. Those will be shared on the website (and by conversations) in the upcoming days.

If I had to choose right now, I would opt to be a government lawyer of some kind after I graduate in May of 2007. Lots of reasons. Mainly b/c the hours are tolerable, the responsibility is more immediate than other forms of practice, and the benefits (though not necessarily the pay) are really nice. Chances are I will apply for judicial clerkships in order to get into government work after I graduate. Who knows how all of that will work out, or where it will lead. It's hard to see more than a year ahead.

Our big family news of sorts: our house is officially up for sale. (No, we're not leaving Vegas). We're looking to move within town. We are selling our house now for several reasons:
1) to get into a different neighborhood here in town (see previous posts about that!);
2) for the financial implications (cash out that equity before the market slips a bit as I predict it might, avoid taking out any more student loans, etc.);
3) to get into -- most likely by renting for now -- a bigger place in a more relaxing neighborhood with at least some yard space for Pebbles & Bam Bam. Once we know what the law career holds, we'll probably buy another house. It's hard to see more than a year down the road, and we don't really want to wait to get a different place. So here goes.

( If you've got a rental property with a spacious yard in a quiet neighborhood within easy access of UNLV and all of our friends, at a really nice monthly price, by all means let me know!)

Rebekah's brother Mike is coming to visit from Atlanta later this week. Yes, this is the guy who got me tix to see the Cubs in a playoff game two years ago. It will be good to see him. I have to admit that I'm particularly excited b/c he will give Rebekah and I a chance to go out without the kids one night. Always nice.

Tori had the stomach flu over the weekend. Lucas, who imiates everything, picked up a trash can, stuck his head in, and made an imitation puking sound, then pulled his head out and smiled a huge smile as he awaited our laughter. It was very comical. For some reason, though, Tori didn't laugh.

Quick review: time going by too fast, church seems in a good place to me right now, maybe be a government lawyer some day, selling the house because we're nuts and can't sit still, Mike's coming to visit, looking forward to a date, Tori puked, Luc made fun of her. That about covers it.