Friday, August 17, 2007

Ode to Phil

Phil Webster is back in the States, and he came over to our house yesterday, bright and early, and helped me work in the yard. Not sure whether to call him our second Vegas visitor, or our first Jerusalem visitor? Great to see him, though.

A good friend is one who comes by at 7AM to pull weeds for no other reward than a cup of coffee and good conversation.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Today is August 15

Today Tori started Third Grade at her new school.

Also, I marked this date several months ago as the day I would get serious about figuring out what's next for me career wise -- time to get ready to practice law.

That could mean several things. On the surface, this is a "job search." Along those lines, there is something potentially brewing. It's too early for me to elaborate. But this is much more than a job search, or the starting of a new practice, for me. This is a quest for what the next season of life holds, and what it will be all about. This time in my life feels big. Please pray for me as I start devoting much of my time and energy to this quest.

A Quote Worth Pondering

"This culture, which replaces
  • community with management,
  • stories with curriculum, and
  • care with commodities,

is the serviced society -- a careless place dominated by impotent institutions and burgeoning social pathology." --John McKnight, Northwestern University