Thursday, September 04, 2003

Reminders From On High
As a result of my own decisions, and a bit of poor luck, I've been under lots of time pressure lately. That's no fun. Some people respond with apathy. I respond by freaking out and trying to get the rest of the world (and all the people in it) to move faster. I sat in traffic ready to come unglued the other day, trying to get somewhere on time because of my own decisions. As I sat there, ready to beat the steering wheel, I saw a guy nearly up-end his SUV as he made a hurried U-turn, then jumped out in front of me and turned right from the wrong lane (which was my lane, by the way). He peeled off and merged in front of someone else, speeding off to who-knows-where. I thinks to meself, "what an idiot." Then I realized that I needed someone that drastically freaky to show me that I am that way compared to the average person. So, I vowed to take it easy and just role with the punches. (and it worked, at least for a couple of hours). Thanks God for sending the SUV-swerving psycho to get my attention.