Thursday, April 28, 2005

Running in the Rain

I had a hard time remembering my "blogger" password today, so I guess it's been awhile.

This morning I ran in the rain. I used to do that regularly back in New York. But since 1999, I've lived in the desert, and on those rare days when it rains, I usually reschedule my runs. Not today.

Running in the rain made me think about that time of life, back when I lived in a rainy place, and therefore had to run in it sometimes. It made me reflect on the fact that this summer I will have been married ten years. How did that happen?

And, I started pondering what my life will be like ten years from now. I'll be 44 years-old then. Tori will be 16 (yikes). Lucas will be almost 11. We will have been married 20 years. Will I live in Vegas? If not, where? Will I be practicing law? Living out simple church? Dead? Running in the rain? Waiting for the Cubs to win the World Series still? Will I live in Vegas and everyone else have moved away (that was a little sarcasm since all my good friends here seem to be moving to other places -- right Andy & Joe?).

Like most moments of relfection, this one was cut short by the daily demands of life. Not to mention law school exams starting next week. Until the next rainy day, I'm back to the grind.