Thursday, February 19, 2004

Brain Dump 2002, Part 7

Intimacy with God

But of course, I am a hypocrite. If it’s all about intimacy with God (and I think it is), then I must admit, I am not there. I’ve read the Bible cover to cover many times. I pray most days. I serve, I know my spiritual gifts, I read great devotional literature, I teach, I preach, I am in community with others --- but I’m not there. I see only a poor reflection. Jesus, have mercy on me.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

More Brain Dump 2002, Part 6


My understanding of church is “community on a mission.”

There is a universal church that only God sees. Then there are “communities on a mission” of various sizes. Denominations are not “churches.” Non-profit organizations that hire staff and put on programs are not “churches.” Sometimes these things allow churches to spring up, as people find community and find their mission. But I doubt God uses the yellow pages to find the church in any given city.

I am a person with ambition, career ambition to be specific. I am seriously wondering if a person can really combine service to God & God's people with career ambition. (I used to hate it when people said what I am now saying). What if He wants me to spend the next ten years loving one hurting person, but my career ambition tells me that I have to plant X churches, train Y leaders, and raise Z dollars during that same time period? (of course, I know God can use X churches with Y leaders, and that Z dollars is nothing to Him, but what if that isn’t what He really has in mind for me?) Would any “church” pay me to do what God really led me to do if it ended up not being the “XYZ” that was in the plan?

Note from 2004: I would now simplify my definition of church even further: church is plural for Christ-follower.