Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Change of Pace

School break has been nice. I always get absorbed in other things quickly. In late December we had both sides of the family visit us from the midwest. And, simultaneously, we had a round of sickness pass through our house then too (I somehow managed to avoid it, knock on wood).

Then last week the four of us ventured out to be with various communities. We hung out at the Stoddards house Thursday night (though they themselves were away on vacation -- others were there), then at the Petersons house on Friday night, then we reunited with the old "Thura" group on Saturday night since the Harshmans were visiting from Arizona, and then with our own community at the Nybergs house on Sunday. What a whirlwind of intense community. It's amazing how different each community has become, and yet how at home I quickly feel with each of them.

I also took care of the various end of the year administrative tasks of Apex over the past week. I've been downloading lots of new music on the ipod, cashing in Christmas gift cards. Everything from Dave Matthews to Dean Martin (literally). Been running, though much less committed than I was during the previous four months of marathon training. Amazing how much harder it is to run without a set goal in mind.

The four of us are also taking a Florida vacation before school gets back into full force. We're really looking forward to doing the beach (and little else) for a few days.

All in all it has been a good few weeks.