Thursday, October 09, 2003

I've come to think that one of the most difficult steps of growth and maturity is to begin loving others more than analyzing others. For people like me who see life though an analytical lense, this can be really tough.

Just when we start to break down walls with other people and really start experiencing community with them, it hits. We see their brokenness clearly (we probably recognize brokenness because we are familiar with it from time spent with ourselves). We see people's laziness, alcoholism, workaholism, greed, pride, apathy, extreme fundamentalism, extreme liberalism, consumerism, obsessiveness, or sexual addiction and we think: "Ah hah -- I knew it! Now let me confront that brokenness in you, or discredit you because you are broken, and broken badly."

This is what church people do. Even Apexers. Even me.

I've come to think that one of the most difficult steps of growth and maturity is to begin loving others more than analyzing others. This doesn't mean that we never try to help someone else overcome their brokenness. It does mean that we become humble enough to realize that love is very rarely the real reason why we really confront people or backstab them. It's usually not because we love them. It's usually because we are analyzing them and have spotted their brokenness.

Sure, I am terrified of confrontation. Yet maybe God can use that to teach me that He didn't put me on this planet to confront every person in my life (inlcuding myself) about every piece of brokenness I have spotted in them. He didn't even put His Son on this earth for that purpose, let alone me.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Finally, a Good Ad
Have you noticed that whatever one blogs about shows up in the ads at the top of one's blog a day or two later? I've been tempted to write about hemorroids or foot fungus just to see what would happen in the ads. Usually the ads make me cringe and quake. However, I noticed that the recent ads were for Cubs playoff tix. This is the first time I'm excited about my blog ads. I'm seeing my blog now kind of like the superbowl: you come for the content, but the commericials are pretty cool too.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

You Just Never Know . . .
"Roy" from Sigfried & Roy has played with tigers during his show for over 30 years. Then one night, one of them mauls him in the middle of the show, leaving him in critical condition clinging for life.

Today, I drove by the scene of an accident where a car had hit a skateboarder. Luckily, it appeared that only his foot was injured. I'm sure he and his friends have skated day after day without incident.

You just never know . . . .

Monday, October 06, 2003

Phone Calls From Far & Near Announce the News
It was right after the Apex Gathering Sunday night. Jeremy & I were in the cry room praying with a family for their baby who had medical concerns. During the 5-minute prayer time, my cell phone (thankfully on "vibrate") rang five times! I knew right then the Cubs had won the division series. Five messages from five friends / family members confirmed it.