Thursday, March 04, 2004

Hidden Joy
I've busted my #$% the past three days. I thought that moving would be easy since we used movers on the big stuff, friends helped with the little stuff, and because we planned it out so well. I kid myself.

Today, after Tori whined and begged for two hours, I quit unboxing stuff and putting stuff together (ie: cussing and throwing tools) long enough to take her to the park in our new neighborhood. She ran and played and I finally stopped to stare at the mountains and be thankful for this new place we call home. Ahh to be more like Tori.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

I'm taking this week off from apex stuff in order to get us moved into our new house and, hopefully, to make progress on my biggest paper of the semester.

I'll leave you with one "thought" for this week: many people are shying away from simple church life and I think it is largely because it is so hard to live in healthy family. We, as a people, have failed to make family work in the natural biological sense. It is no wonder that we, as a people, have a hard time making it work in the spiritual sense. I, and many of you out there, am prepared to lose everything to give real spiritual family a shot. More next week . . . .