Saturday, June 23, 2007


It has been bittersweet to attend farewell gatherings, meals, and house church meetings here in Vegas. The busyness has left me only occasional moments to feel the sadness, which I am grateful for, because it is not a pleasant feeling. Yet I'm also seeing the things about living in the Midwest which I miss (I was unable to see those for about a decade), and those things have me very excited about getting back there. Still, I'm about as emotionally torn as I have been in recent memory.

We had a major complications with getting our own medical coverage set up in Indiana, and a few very minor ripples in closing on the house. Both are now resolved, with we are very relieved and very thankful about!!!

I'm studying for the bar exam approximately eight hours a day. Very tiring and all-consuming. Other hours are being spent packing up the house, making arrangements for our transition, finishing up the Apex transition details, etc. And trying to see tons of people "one more time" before we hit the road. I hope we get back here to Vegas for the Thanksgiving weekend, but the future is hard to predict when so many unknowns await us in the upcoming months. I'd like to think we will set up a routine of spending Thanksgivings with our Vegas family, and the Christmas season with our related families in the Midwest. Only time will tell.

Back to packing boxes . . .