Saturday, April 15, 2006

Jury Duty

For the first time in my 35 plus years of living, I have been summoned to jury duty. It should be entertaining to see how they like me as they go through the interviews for jury selection.

First, I'm an ordained minister. That usually will make the defense squirm.

Second, I'm 3/4 of the way through law school. That might just make the prosecution squirm.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes them to throw me out the door!


It's official. We are no longer homeowners. We'll be moving to our new place late next week. For now, we are renting the old place from the new owners.

Though I normally don't endorse any given person's business, and though he would never ask me to do so . . .

I highly recommend my buddy "Good Adam Hunting" as a real estate agent. He took good care of us.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Busier than a one-winged bird three feet before hitting the ground . . .

Life has been a whirlwind of late. Lots going on.

Last weekend, Rebekah joined eight other girls from our house church on a two-night trip to southern California. I joined the other dads in that group in watching our kids for the weekend. Tori, Lucas, and I had a good time. We hung out with the other dads and kids on Friday night at the Nybergs. Saturday we went to the park, and on Sunday we ventured to the (rather non-impressive) Vegas Children's Museum. We still had two kids at the end of the weekend, which was my main goal. Rebekah returned with a lot of photos from the weekend and a new piercing in her upper ear lobe.

The week before and after that weekend were extra busy for me, partially becasue I spent the weekend with the kids, and partially because 'tis a busy season.

Baseball is back! The Cubs are 3-1 as I write this. They have the most speed of any Cubs team I've ever seen (and that dates back to 1982). They also have one of the best bullpens they have had in that timespan. Does anybody smell glory in the air?

Our house is scheduled to close this coming Tuesday (over a week and a half early, if you can believe that). We have our new place on hold, and we will sign on the dotted line once this one closes. It has a back yard, more living space, and a room that will be 100% dedicated to being my office. It is also in a very nice looking neighborhood near D.I. & Town Center. Though we still have a house to pack before then, we're pretty excited about the move. It will put us a few miles farther away from UNLV, but it will put us miles closer to our Apex friends and to the other details of life. It' near both the 215 and Desert Inn, which are the two main ways to get to UNLV anyway.

In a sort of sick and crazy way, it has been fun reading all of the paperwork for our house sale and for our new house and actually understanding what most it means. Ah, these three years and $50,000 of law school education paying off for something!

Last, but not least, had breakfast with Ernie, Tommy, & Jeff this morning. Other than John, who is in Iraq, that group makes up the current Apex Elders. As a group of elders we have come so far from the days we had to struggle with huge decisions every time we met. We now have completed the transition of becoming a community of overseers, who discuss our communities over breakfast as we simultaneously care for each other. It's nice to be arriving after such a long journey! How pleasantly naive to think so, at least!