Saturday, October 25, 2008

Change is in the Air

And I don't just mean the weather.

Without airing too much of other peoples' dirty laundry, I will just say that not all of the partners in the law firm I am working for are willing to continue working with each other, so change is coming. Sometime in the first quarter of 2009 I may be part of that change. Though I do not like uncertainty, I do like the excitement of potential new challenges. I may get to be part of a new challenge. I'm sure I will have more to write about this in the weeks ahead.

What's very interesting to me is that the dynamics of my current workplace are almost identifical to the dynamics among the staff of a new church plant I was part of in New Jersey in the mid 90's. Same stuff, just in a different professional setting. How bizarre. People are people regardless of what line of work they are in.