Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Gettin' Some Press

There is an article in the March 6 issue of Time magazine about "minichurches." It's callled "There's No Pulpit Like Home." At least the title is the worst part of the article! Overall, it's a pretty fair treatment of groups like us who are trying to simpify church down to its relational essence. It doesn't mention us specifically, which is actually nice because it features others who are weird enough to go on the same journey we have. Somehow you feel less crazy about being involved in something if it is featured in a Time article. I know that in reality that could go either way.

I also hear that Apex is mentioned in this week's Chrisitan Standard (little bit smaller circulation than Time!) as part of a story about the explosive church planting in Las Vegas that orginated with a tiny church plant in the early 1960s called Central Christian Church. It goes through the whole story: Central gave birth to Canyon Ridge, Canyon Ridge gave birth to the Crossing, and that other thing . . . oh yeah, Apex. The article is funny because it almost makes us look ridiculous, being that it is based on numbers of fannies in the seats at each of the mega-churches. Still, it's good to be part of such a great story.

Never know for sure whether this kind of ink is a good thing or a bad thing. I can honestly say I'd rather be on the journey and really receiving the kingdom in complete obscurity than to be fooling myself and be featured in the media. Is it possible to have both? Who knows.

All I know is that I really am content, and some days even proud, to be part of a spiritual family like ours. Regardless of media coverage.