Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Brain Dump 2002, Conclusion

In conclusion, I’ve got a long way to go on the journey. I’m sure I’ve overlooked important issues because I’m young, naïve, haven’t read it all, haven’t suffered enough, etc. The only thing I’m sure of is: the question I alluded to at the beginning of this brain dump (part 1) is not the thing I’ve overlooked (“how do we control these fast-multiplying, simple churches?”)! There may be other things, but that’s not it!

I write all of this not to start a debate or an argument. This is where I’ve been led. I won’t try to force others to agree with me, but I also will not allow them to convince me of another way. I’m open to learning from here, but I'm not open to taking steps backwards.

(Note from 2004: I almost didn't include the rest of this because I didn't want anybody jumping to the conclusion that I am quitting my role with Apex. That I am not. I wrote what follows over 15 months ago, and I am working harder for Apex right now than I have at any time since then. So take the rest of this as an explanation of why I am a part-time law student and why I am committed to simple church concepts -- no more, no less).

In November of 2002 I sensed God saying to me, “You’re released from vocational ministry.” Not from ministry, but from vocational ministry. The reasons I went into it are no longer valid. I am now equipped to share faith with my unchurched friends (I just don’t have any these days). I have now walked so far away from being a nominal Christian that I’m not sure I would know how anymore. I don’t mean that I must quit vocational ministry. Perhaps at the next crossroads I will. I just feel like I’m released. It’s no longer the point, and in fact, it may eventually cause me to miss the point.

Now that you’ve suffered through all of that, I feel that we can really talk. Thanks for going through it with me!