Sunday, May 04, 2008


Even more rare than a rich man's steak is a post by me about politics. Yet here goes.

Prediction: Obama will be the next President of the U.S.

I'm not yet ready to either endorse or criticize the man yet, but I am ready to make the prediction.

Republicans will rally behind life issues and call their candidate moral. Democrats will point to the plight of the poor and the shrinking middle class, not to mention the ethics (or lack there of) of war, in order to declare their candidate moral.

And I think they both have points worth considering, at least on those arguments. And both are wrong on other things. But we have all settled for the reality of living our lives with polar opposites instead of embracing the paradox that truth sometimes encompasses the seemingly contradictory.

So we along with that have bought into the need to chose one side of every debate (including the political debates), so we therefore will pick one party, or one candidate, and rally around one set of issues as being superior, or moral, or better, and continue to live with the blind spots of the weakness (or in some cases, the downright evil) of the accompanying positions we will buy into to support that position or that candidate.

That's why I think an honest and integrity filled Christ-follower could easily conclude that the most "Christian" position is not to vote.

Or to cast a controversial vote.

Or to cast a not-so-controversial vote, yet feel torn and frustrated by the whole experience.