Tuesday, January 31, 2006

What Old People Do on a Monday Night

Last night Rebekah and I watched the home videos of Tori & Lucas. The weirdest thing was finding the footage from Tori when she was exactly the age Lucas is now, and then getting freaked out by how much they sound and act alike.

These videos only date back to 1999, the year Tori was born. I can't imagine what it must be like to watch video of your own kids, as kids, once they are completely grown up. Bizarre.

Also weird: What goes through Lucas' head when he, as a twenty-month-old, is presented with video footage of himself from every few months of his life? Doesn't that kind of time-warp mess a kid up? Pretty strange.

It's also weird to watch the videos and see how much better our furniture, and even our carpet, looked just a few short years ago.

I'm 35-years--old, and I already forget a lot of important stuff that happened just within the past seven years. How much forgetting does a person do in a lifetime?

Too much deep thought. Maybe next Monday night we should just watch TV or something.