Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Some of the Finest People I've Ever Known
I was mostly saddened, but a bit relieved, at the news that Angie Colbert had passed away. Her story would have been very important to me just for the fact that she was Debbie Boyd's brother's wife. However, her story goes back even further for me.

In 1989, at my freshmen orientation at Cincinnati Bible College, we were all handed a piece of paper and asked to write down who we would like to room with for our freshman year. I was one of the few people in the room who had not pre-arranged a roommate. I looked around the room, a bit in a panic. I noticed several others with the same look. One guy looked like a normal guy. So I quickly went up to him, and (very out of character for my shyness) asked him to be my roommate. We ended up being roommates for four years of college.

His name was Jonathan Colbert, the brother of Debbie Boyd. It is their other brother David who lost his wife. As a result of rooming with Jonathan for four years, I got to spend some time with the Colbert Family. I stayed at their home in Scottsburg on several occassions. They came to see us in Cincinnati on many other occassions. Jonathan and I both spent a year in Longmont, Colorado after college. Jonathan was the best man in my wedding, and I at his. Though I spent much more time with Jonathan, Debbie, and their parents Keith & Becky, than I ever did with David & Angie, I can honestly say that the Colbert Family is without a doubt some of the most loving, kind, accepting people that I have ever met. They've been very good to me through the years. My heart goes out to them right now. I hope that they all know that the way they live life has touched many of us and has made a difference on this planet. They are truly light in the midst of darkness.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Holy Water . . . & Law School
Last night I had some spiritual moments with the concept of "water." We did 8 minutes of silence at the Apex Gathering, and I could hear the flowing water sound form the Lutehran baptistry, which started the flow of imagery. I felt like I was dry, and God was ready to give me a flowing stream. Let's hope! It all started earlier in the day at house church. Doug, Ernie, & I began the day by dangling our feet in the Caldwell's pool. Sounds queer, I know, but it was rather baptismal in some strange way.

Not sure that made sense, but it was meaningful to me. Oh yeah, and I'm now officially a part-time law student. Tonight was the beginning. Orientation stuff, which is not very exciting. They are trying to scare us with the difficulty of this course of study. It worked a little. It was weird to be in a room with 140 other people who are all pretty dang smart. I certainly never had that feeling at my undergraduate institution. I'm exhausted and thus I'm rambling, so more later.