Saturday, January 12, 2008

Thai Food, Tractor Pulls, & Tree Limbs

I lived 37 years on planet earth without eating at a Thai restaurant . . . and then this week I ate at two different ones -- one in Broad Ripple and one right here in Fishers. Pretty yummy stuff which I highly recommend.

Lucas and I watched Tractor Pulling this afternoon. It was definetly his idea. I thought I had better admit it here and now before somebody found out some other way.

After the most recent snow all melted, we had tree limbs all over our yard which apparently blew off from one of our neighbor's trees during one of the storms. I offered Tori $1 to go out and pick them all up, cut them up and get them into the garbage. AND SHE DID IT! Now I'm wondering what other unpleasant tasks I can avoid for a mere dollar. Hmmm.

Rebekah has been enjoying her new piano (really her very old piano that has been at her parents' house for years but we never found a way to get to our place until recently). I think she also has been enjoying the cold weather -- at least one of us is.

I've been lawyering. Things are getting busier now. I'm the only "associate" in the office right now because one of our associates moved on to another firm at the first of the year, and the other two were promoted to partner at the beginning of the year. So we have one associate and five partners. That means I now basically have five bosses. I think that spells job security, as each of them needs an associate to handle various projects, and for now, I'm it. That also means I'm getting exposed to several different areas of law practice since each of them practices in somewhat different areas. That's also a good thing.

It is still surreal, as I've said before, how we somehow slipped right out of our former existense in Vegas and now have this totally different existense here. We feel like we are in both worlds still, but everyone we know is either part of the old life or part of the new life. That is what makes it so surreal to me.

And, as for fantasy world, I'm registering everyday to win this year's HGTV Dreamhouse Give Away. I've never bothered in the past, but this year's house overlooks the water in the Florida Keys. As Ferris Buehler once said, "it's so choice." I'm sure it was meant for me!