Friday, August 15, 2003

I'm not very "political," and I rarely write about current events. But the recent blackout in the Northeast has left me with a few thoughts . . .

First, I can't imagine too many things I would less want to do than to be stuck in a subway or an elevator when all the power went out. I rode the subway in Chicago several times last week, so I'm left with an even greater sense of how frightening that would be.

Second, call me an alarmist, but are we really supposed to believe that this had no terrorism link? Also, are we really supposed to believe that all three of the jets that crashed soon after takeoff from JFK airport over the past five years were not realted to terrorism? I'm not buying it.

Third, I just read online that there were only four burglaries reported last night in NYC despite the power being off. Aren't there normally like four burglaries every half-hour in NYC? If it is true that there were only four, then it really goes to show that hard times really do bring out the best in people. It makes me wonder why I spend so much of my life obsessively trying to avoid problems instead of accepting them and working through them. If the most important city in the world does better during disasters than on normal days, you would think the same might apply on a smaller scale in a life like mine.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

I was all prepared to go off and complain about the frustrations of my life -- travel, family, house closings, people in conflict, etc. Then I heard the news about Mark Palmer's wife yesterday. I realized that I have no perspective about what difficulties and problems are. So, out of respect for the Palmer family, I will be thankful for the life I have and try to look over my trivial frustrations. At least for now.