Sunday, July 30, 2006

Law School, Perfectionistic Griping, & Baseball

I finished my internship with the U.S. Attorney's Office, which in essence means I have completed nine semesters of law school, and I have only two semesters remaining. Too late to turn back now!

My little perfectionistic brain has been stewing over lots of "imperfections" lately.
  • The Kids: For one thing, there is not much peace in our house lately with a seven-year-old and a two-year-old both in "phases" right now. They are starting to butt heads frequently (both literally & figuratively), and both are in their own separate stages of refusing to obey. Of course, I know a few ways to make them obey, but you only like to be so forceful so often with little kids. So, alas, we have imperfection.

  • Then there is this: On the one hand, I've witnessed way too much legalism in my life, which I know is not the best understanding of life in kingdom nor a true appreciation of our Father's love. Yet in recent months I've also witnessed more than a little "abuse of freedom." Abuse of freedom looks nice compared to legalism, but it still lacks the fullness of life in the kingdom, which makes it equally empty. And, it also is something less than a true appreciation of our Father's love. So, as a perfectionist, I long for the healthier, balanced way. Yet it is so hard to find. And so few groups or organizations are really able to achieve the healthy balance. Only a perfectionist would stew about such things, but such is my bent.

I've come to appreciate the thoughts of the teacher in Ecclesiastes 9. Basically, he finds that the point to our meaningless existence is to find a way to enjoy your job, then enjoy some fine dining, enjoy some good wine, and enjoy the wife of your youth (pretty sure that's euphemistic for you know what). Of course, some would argue that he came to that existential conclusion because he wasn't fully informed about eternity. But even so, not bad advice for making sense of the time here on this planet.

On a cheerier note, my Cubs (still the worst Cubs team I've seen in 20-some years) have beaten their rival Cardinals three games in a row. That opens the door for the Cincinnati Reds to make a run at the N.L. Central. Since the Cubs are out of it, I'd be happy to jump on the Reds bandwagon with some of my friends, especially if it knocks the Cardinals out. And, it's a little known fact, but I was briefly a Reds fan in the early 80's before Harry Caray & Wrigley Field won my heart over to Cubby blue.