Tuesday, October 23, 2007

An Interesting Day in the Practice of Law

Today I appeared in court for the first time -- quite unplanned.

One of my colleagues ended up needing to be in two different courts at once, so I found out at 9:45 AM (in Fishers) that I would handle a hearing in Federal Bankruptcy Court at 10:30 AM (in downtown Indianapolis). I made it just in time. I had to appear before a federal judge without a suit on (no time to change) and without really knowing the matter I had to appear on. It was a relatively simple appearance, so all ended well even though I had only one thing to say, and no knowledge of the matter beyond that one sentence.

It would take way too many words to explain the next challenge of the day, but I had to work the phone with a guy who was fired up and disgruntled over an issue that really wasn't caused by any of us. Fun stuff!

As much as those events were a bit stressful, I have to admit it made for a more enjoyable day than sitting in my office working on various case files all day.