Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I'm a real lawyer now. How bizarre!

I'm working with some pretty good people, and the stories behind the cases we are working on are all very interesting (though often somewhat tragic, also).

It's weird in that I am the new guy with lots and lots to learn. Yet I keep reminding myself that it is amazing that I'm able to hold my own in this profession when I didn't know anything about it just a few years ago.

I'm working in the transportation practice group. We represent trucking companies in their various legal needs. To put the best possible spin on it -- we keep those companies moving their cargo from point A to point B so that all of us get the stuff we need to live. We handle their legal issues and help get those settled so they can transport stuff.

The firm also does family law, wills & trusts, and corproate formations out of our Fishers office. So if you need any of that ever, I can hook you up with some good people.