Monday, November 21, 2005

Randon Stuff

We had a great time at Zach's house last night. It was an Apex guys' night out. I hope others join us next time, b/c it turned out to be both fun and meaningful. And, Zach has this incredible backyard now. It looks like the set from a Survivor episode, or something. We walked down this white sand trail, which led out to a large area surrounded by gas-light torches. Then we gathered around his gas-light fire pit, which was unlike any fire pit I've ever seen (the flames shot up through, and appeared to float upon, a bed of finely shattered glass -- looked like something straight off of a home and landscape designer show). We talked for several hours, grilled some brats, enjoyed some beverages, sang and prayed. It was really church in every way imaginable.

I've got one more week on my massive paper, and then after that exams. I'm about as exhausted, drained, and beaten down as I've ever been. After December 15, things should be a whole lot easier. It has been one incredibly crazy ride this semester, especially the past couple of weeks. Many days start at 6AM and don't end until late at night, with very little non-productive time anywhere. Just ridiculous.

The Indianapolis Colts are now 10-0. It may be time to jump on their bandwagon really hard.

Lucas kind of says dinosaur now. It sounds like "dy da dor" or something. Tori reads to him now (like real reading, which is cool). On top of that, they fight with each other now, the sure sign that they are fully functioning siblings, I guess.

Rebekah put up the Christmas tree while I was gone last night. That freaks me out a little because my mind still thinks it's a few days after Labor Day.

Looking forward to this Thursday. No work or school; the eating of Turkey, and the annual watching of Christmas Vacation. Now that sounds like a day.