Friday, September 15, 2006

The glory of Vegas is upon us

I ran this morning with temperatures in the low 70's. The glorious weather is about to begin. For all the suffering of 110-degree days, and 90-degree nights, our fall and spring weather sure beats anywhere else. Bring it on!

And, I saw on TV that parts of Montana are getting 6-10 inches of snow this weekend. Need I say more?

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Website Debut . . . and many thanks

Thanks to Jeremiah Smith, we now have a simplified and re-designed Apex website. Check it out if you're interested in such things. I would also recommend his web design services to anybody needing to produce a site. I'm sure he would welcome the business right now!

I should also throw out thanks to Rebekah who took some of the photos we are using. And, thanks to Kurtis Kopf for hosting the site for us, and thanks to Ramon Avendano, Jim Sullivan, and everyone else who has put hours into the apex website over the years!

Monday, September 11, 2006


Though I don't care much about the bi-partisan political debate that has unfolded as a result of 9/11, I do join everyone else in remembering that historical day.

I was on my way from my house (then in the far NW of Vegas) to my office (then at Canyon Ridge). I stopped off for a cup of coffee at the Starbucks in the Santa Fe Station. I noticed everyone was gathered around a TV at the bar in the casino, which was odd for such an early hour. I walked over and watched, just as the TV showed the second plane hit the WTC.

I had lived less than an hour drive from the WTC on Long Island just a couple of years before that, which added to the impact of what I saw. I remember that my plans for the day, and even for that week, instantly changed in that moment. Though I didn't lose a loved one on that day, like many people did, I learned that history is subject to sudden unexpected changes of course. It will always be one of the defining moments of my life.