Wednesday, October 11, 2006

An Interesting Six Weeks

We've been doing this "revival" thing for about six weeks now. It has been interesting. What other church community our size has as much musical talent as we have seen on display the past few Sunday nights? How much more high quality has the intangible part our larger gathering become since we have invested several years primarily in more intimate communities? And, what was the significance of that spotlight exploding right above my head a few weeks ago?!

Yet there are reminders of the problems that such programming creates. Michelle, Gene, Lisa, and others have had to give their share and several other peoples' shares to pull all of this off. They haven't complained a bit, but I see the unfairness of it. And we still never get more than about 60% of our community together on any one given night. Etc.

Still, all in all, I think it has been a great thing. The proof, of course, will be in the pudding (whatever that means!). Will we still be spiritually revived a few weeks after this thing is over? Will our smaller communities continue to flourish in this new-found enthusiasm a couple of months from now? Only time will tell. I am optimistic.