Friday, January 06, 2006

Things I'm Enjoying So Far in 2006 . . .

. . . Sunset over the Pacific Ocean at La Jolla Cove, just north of San Diego. I experienced it Wednesday. It was breathtaking and emotional. God put on a better show than any entertainer I've encountered.

. . . The iPod. I dreamed of something like this twenty years ago. Amazingly simple and fun piece of tecnology. I haven't been this excited about a Christmas gift since childhood.

. . . David Crowder Band's latest CD, "Collision." This guy gets something that few people get, and he subtly gets it across in his art. Makes me want to "really live" (whatever that means).

. . . Re-uniting with Rebekah, Tori, & Lucas, after a two-night solitary retreat. Absence definitely does make the heart grow fonder.