Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sunsets at Laguna . . . and back to reality

Laguna Beach . . . the actual place, not the TV show, is spectacular. I've been fortunate to visit some awesome places of natural beauty this year, and Laguna Beach certainly makes the list.

Also had dinner with the Boyds, hung out with Lucas at Huntington Beach while Tori & Rebekah went to Disneyland, and thoroughly enjoyed SoCal weather (though not the traffic) for the past few days.

The weekend before Tori & I visited friends who were camping at Mt. Charleston. We went on a hike (Tori's first "real" hike). Challenging, yet rewarding.

Tomorrow begins a new semester of law school. We are also doing an apex "revival" starting in September, with six consecutive weeks of Sunday all-group gatherings of one variety or another. So, busyness is coming. I'm looking forward to what will be a full-schedule, but a meaningful fall.

Updates & Prayer Concerns: Looks like Tori is going to public school this fall after all. We had a good meeting with the school in our new neighborhood which led to that decision (we like to be unpredictable, I guess). Lucas has to have outpatient surgery in a couple of weeks (I won't tell on what part of his anatomy, so I'm sure you can guess). My brother's wife's dad was in an accident at worked and had third-degree burns on his fingers, but he's doing much better now after getting skin grafts. Also, Rebekah's brother Jeff & his wife Christie lost a baby early in her pregnancy. Rebekah & I continue our journey of healthy interaction after our visit to GlacierHaven in May. We're doing better, but still very much on the journey to where we hope to one day be.