Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 Marks New Beginnings for Me

Not only are we celebrating Niles arrival this New Year, but I am also part of a new work venture that is, coincidentally, launching at the beginning of 2009.

I am now working for the law firm of Cruser, Mitchell, and Gaston. Four of us (three attorneys and one legal assistant) are excited to announce that we are starting out on this new venture together effective immediately.

We are launching a satellite office here in Indiana for a firm that currently is based in Atlanta with existing satellites in New Jersey, New York, and Florida. We are very fortunate to be taking almost all of the cases we have already been working on with us, which will greatly help us in getting off the ground.

Our offices will be located at 98th and Keystone, for those who know the Indianapolis Area.

I am excited because it is a new start-up venture, which seems to be the kind of thing I always find my way into. As we grow in the future, it will be rewarding to have been in on the ground floor of something. It will also be a lot of work as we strive to become profitable in our first year -- a huge undertaking in this current economy.

So, between Niles entering the world, and this new venture, this New Year really is a new beginning in many ways for me.