Saturday, January 21, 2006

Quick & Random

Last night's conversation at the Big House was really good. The church was being the church. It was authentic, sincere, meaningful, honest, and spontaneous. I'm glad I happened to drop in on the night that I did.

School = difficult. I'm starting to think that most of the people doing this program are a bit smarter than I, and that I'm only keeping up by working my #$%^ off. That's no fun.

Sushi Monday, anyone?

Monday, January 16, 2006

Stuff Happening All Over the Place

Lucas has a nasty stomach flu (or something). It was spewing from the mouth at first, and now it's from the . . . well, you can guess. He got so drained that he slept almost all day Sunday. We finally started forcing pedialite (how do you spell that?) down him, and he's starting to perk up. No fun watching such a little one be so sick.

What a busy week and weekend. Friday night we finally went out to dinner with my friend Dave from school, and his fiancee Carmen. Dinner went well until Lucas spewed out that other end and made an embarrassing mess. He at least got a new outfit from nearby Target out of the deal (desperate times call for desperate measures).

Saturday night we dined with the Harshmans, who were visiting from AZ. Good to hang with them again. Lucas controlled his sphincter (how do you spell that?) during that dinner, which made for a more enjoyable evening.

Joe visits from L.A. this coming week as well. Keith & Maren visitied from TN last week. Eveybody comes through Vegas eventually, it seems.

The Colts lost today in the playoffs. I actually watched the Fourth Quarter, and it was probably the most exciting football quarter I've ever watched in my life. It almost sucked me into being a football fan. Not quite though. I can tell because I got over the loss so much quicker than I do a basketball or baseball loss (Cubs 2003 playoffs still hurts!).

At tonight's Gathering, Ramon proposed to MaryAnn. Pretty cool. Should go down as part of Apex lore.

Weird thing -- last night at aprox. 3AM I watched out the window as an apparently drunk guy ripped one of my neighbor's shrubs out of the ground and threw it out into the street. This makes the fifith time cops have been on my street to address an issue in the two years we've lived in this house. And this looks like a nice, quiet, peaceful part of town. We've got to move off this street soon. Or buy a gun. Or install surveillance cameras. Or just live with the stupidity.

School start up again this week. I've got 80-some pages to read and "be prepared to discuss" by Tuesday. Guess I know what I'll be doing Monday.

Speaking of which, I got my first law school "C" this past semester. Humbling. My exact response was, "I haven't gotten a 'C' since middle school P.E." Though my "B" average remains intact, I'm not too thrilled with Prof. Blakesley's evaluation of my Criminal Procedure performance! I guess I'll have to learn to live with it. But the cynical side of me wants to ask why I made it through my first two college degrees, and 2/3 of the way through this one, before someone thought I deserved a "C." Easy -- easy -- breathe in deeply -- happy thoughts.-

On a happier note, less than a month until pitchers and catchers report to spring training!

And so on.