Thursday, August 30, 2007

Life Updates

I have an important career-related meeting coming up the middle of next week. Hopefully I will be able to share more before too long. Though several different paths still exist, this one possibility is potentially a very good thing . . . yet who knows?

My heart has been heavy as I hear about many families and individuals going through hard times back in Vegas. I'm excited to see how the community has rallied around those hurting. Even though I'm not particularly gifted at helping people through this kind of stuff, a part of me longs to be there to go through this with everyone.

Tonight is "meet the teacher" night at Tori's school. Tomorrow Rebekah's parents are coming for the Labor Day weekend. Next weekend, my brother is renewing his wedding vows for his tenth anniversary (and doing it on a grander scale than their original wedding).

I've been spending my days:
  • volunteering for the Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic,
  • making and following up contacts regarding future law practice,
  • working on the house,
  • spending quality time with the family (Lucas and I are really connecting, which is cool)
  • reading some classic fiction (just started Brothers K by Dostoyesky), and
  • watching quite a few Cubs games as they continue to be in first place.

Just this week I really feel that I am recovered physically and emotionally from the law school drain. I'm eager to get into a new routine in the upcoming weeks. Yet I'm embracing the current season for what it is. There may never be another time quite like it.