Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Life Updates

Me: Been busy, but I've found a pretty manageable daily routine.

  • First thing in the morning, I've been doing my marathon training. I've been running or doing strengthening exercises most every day. I ran 12 miles on Sunday, but I'm still feeling it on Tuesday. There is time to reach my goal though.
  • Then the current Apex revival has created some planning and preparation work for me each day. It has been great, though, seeing the spiritual awakening that is happening in many of us.
  • Sometime each afternoon, I transition into studying all that is the law, and then each evening during the week, I have class at UNLV.
  • Thanks to the great cool weather, and thanks to the fact that I got my law school writing requirement done last year, I 've been able to spend the last few Saturdays with the family, playing with the kids at the park, going on walks, watching movies, etc.

Rebekah: I'm proud of Rebekah -- she has been working toward a goal to lose weight, and has done great so far. She looks great, and has really stuck with! Otherwise, she's been busy with a rowdy two-year old, and taking him to the bathroom 50 times a day recently (see below!).

Lucas seems to have turned a corner with potty training. That's exciting news in our lives! Less money on diapers, less dealing with nasty diapers, etc. He's been wearing "big boy pants" this week, and so far, he has passed the test. Seems like his surgery actually helped the process along.

Tori starts an after-school Spanish class tomorrow. It meets every Wednesday for a couple of months. I think it will help her understand language and grammar so much better. Learning another language seems to have so many benefits. Like my undergrad Greek Language professor used to say to at least one of us every class, "You don't have a Greek problem, Mr. ______, you still have an English problem."