Thursday, June 29, 2006

Barna, Root Canals, Missing Family, Law, & Bad Baseball

So George Barna reports that house churches have gone from being a fad to being a trend in the United States. Part of me finds the report very encouraging and exciting. Another part of me finds the tone of the report just ridiculous, for some reason! (it speaks of how many people have "tried" house church, or something like that, which makes it sound like either a narcotic or a very institutional program). But interesting stuff, nonetheless.

Today I had my first ever root canal. I didn't have my first cavity until after college, so this was a humbling experience. Not to ruin anyone's dinner, but since I was still feeling some pain after the numbing of the jaw and the drilling had started, my dentist eventually had to inject the numbing stuff directly into the nerve of my tooth, through the hole he had drilled. It wasn't the most fun, though not quite as bad as that might sound. Oddly enough, the whole procedure is a pretty amazing technological advance really. Forget colon cleansing, I got the root of my tooth cleansed today! And if only we could go in to every area of our bodies, and every area of our lives for that matter, and clean it out, file it down, and replace it with new substance. That'll preach. (Can you tell I sat in a chair with nothing to do but think for an hour and half today?).

I'll be heading to the midwest to be reunited with Rebekah and the kids soon. We've all decided that these long trips away from each other need to cease. It's nice for a couple of days, but not good after that.

Interning in the U.S. Attorney's Office has been interesting. I'm working with the civil division, which means we bring people to justice who have wronged the U.S. of A. out of money. So before you go ripping of medicaid or setting up shop on a piece of BLM land, remember that our office is out there ready to take you down.

And, finally, it's now official: this is the worst Cubs Team I've ever seen.