Friday, July 16, 2004

Loveable Losers
My beloved Chicago Cubs really did (maybe still do) have a chance this  year.  Then, last night, Mark Prior (their best pitcher, maybe the best young pitcher on the planet) left the game in the second inning with an elbow problem.  He already missed two months earlier in the season.  This is really not good at all.
I still believe.  But this is major bump in the road.  Looks like we'll have to go get the Big Unit.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

The following thoughts came out of my mouth at a lunch meeting yesterday, and I think they are worth commemorating here in blogdom.

I'm torn between:

1) Wanting to take advantage of this season to rid myself of all "religious addiction." (On Sundays at 6PM I'm subject to relapse).

2) Still longing to find deep & meaningful connection with Father within the life of an intimate community. It's becoming easier to find the community, but the connection with Father element is still not there, at least not to the degree I dream it could be.

It's difficult to not give up one of the above in the quest for the other. That is the current spiritual struggle for me.